About Us

CB2 was founded to bring the benefits of proven, secure cloud based technology to the commercial lending arena and allow banks to succeed in the face of digital disruption.

The CB2 Leadership Team

John Merrill, CEO & Co-Founder

  • 35 years of commercial banking experience
  • Lead Santander's U.S. Business Banking Division
  • President & Senior Lender of a community bank located in New England

Tim Finkenstaedt, COO & Co-Founder

  • 30 years combined commercial banking & financial information services experience
  • Head of Marketing for Citizens Commercial Banking Division
  • Head of credit segment marketing & product development for Dun & Bradstreet Info. Services

Jeff May, Lead Developer

  • 30 years software developemt
  • Salesforce MVP & AppExchange Program Partner

Jim Hensel, Technology Advisor

  • Chief Information Officer at Citizens Disability

Victor Grillo, Investor & Board Member

  • Chairman & CEO at Cricket Holdings, LLC
  • Founder of Advanced Results Marketing, Inc.

Salesforce ISV Partner

  • Offerings for both existing Salesforce clients and those new to the Salesforce ecosystem