What We Do

CB2 provides financial institutions a technology solution to take their Commercial Banking operations to the next level or Commercial Banking Version 2.0 - and begin to cross the rapidly expanding digital divide. CB2's Commercial Lending System provides one system for improved Transparency, Quality and Compliance Management. The CB2 system provides financial institutions of all size an integrated commercial loan workflow management and reporting solution.


The Commercial Banking Environment:

Increasing Headwinds - and a Sea Change

Shrinking Talent Pool
Tightening Margins
Growing Compliance
Increased Competition
Digital Disruption -
Creating a Sea Change

Driving Commercial Banking Transformation:

CB2 is Adaptive, Efficient, and Delivers Results


Without hiring more lenders and credit professionals

Sales Capacity

30% increase with 30% less cost*

Compliance Management

Real-time policy and regulatory reporting

Response Times


*Paul Bird, PwC Commercial Banking Practice on Benefits of Successful LOS

Driving Commercial Banking Transformation:

The CB2 Advantage


To meet a bank's unique and ever changing needs

Powered By Salesforce

World's leading CRM platform supporting 1BB+ secure transactions daily

Open & Scalable Platform

Salesforce ecosystem provides multiple levels of flexibility

Easy to Use, Buy & Install

Up and running in weeks vs. months (or years) without a long term commitment

Analysis has shown that the typical commercial banking underwriting process contains 28 separate steps, takes 3 to 4 week period of time and costs between $4,000 and $6,000 to make a single credit decision*. Then the loan review process adds another 15 steps and another $1,000 in costs*.

The CB2 solution brings technology and workflow management to the bank’s commercial lending process. This includes all stages of your commercial lending customer relationships from sales management, loan origination, underwriting & approval, booking & funding to credit administration & monitoring. The system allows you to seamlessly route and assign tasks, easily produce reports and dashboards and produce preformatted customer facing documents with the push of a button. The immediate result is the ability to respond to customers more quickly and proactively manage audits & exams - all at a reduced cost.

*The RMA Journal, December 2016/January 2017